Organic Beauty

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Beauty is a concept that has been somewhat lost along the way in the digital age. Companies trying to sell products with photo shopped women wearing far too much makeup, Instagram accounts run by ?influencers? who spend their time pouting at the camera and taking selfies. These influences have warped our perceptions of what it means to be attractive in the modern age, and they have unfortunate, destructive impacts on our health and happiness. But there is a truer type of beauty that transcends trends and fads. It is the natural, glowing beauty that comes from being truly healthy and happy. Because while you can try and hide or alter your looks with expensive products, they are ultimately all trying to emulate the appearance of natural youth, energy, and vigor. When you naturally look and feel great, you don?t need to do this. You will simply look naturally healthier, more vibrant, and more attractive. In this book, you?ll learn more about what it means to chase after ?organic beauty? and how it can change the way you think about your appearance and your grooming.